The average year in New Acaunum is roughly 480 days, beginning and ending with the New Sun – a yearly eclipse that leaves the world in darkness for 24 hours. This is the day that is in between the old and the new… the 481st day, that is neither the old year nor the new. Many stay in on this day, for it is a time of taboo and wickedness. A time of constant flux, the superstitious fear it. An average day is 24 hours.


Each week is 6 days long,

* Lunasde

* Torssde

* Rivesde

* deSath

* Lersde

* Pelorsde

Pelorsde is the Sabbath, where no one is legally allowed to work more then 6 hours. Of course, this law is not strictly enforced, and only used to persecute those who are wanted to be taken out of power.


Each month is 5 weeks long, making each month last a total of 30 days.


The Spring Months:

      * Micrande

      * May

      * Arilt

      * Jures

      * Pierielt

The Summer Months:

      * Auglest

      * Pellorien

      * Kirrest

      * Murrente

The Fall Month:

      * Sepierntel

      * Thernel

      * Karrentel

      * Sayntel

The Winter Months:

      * Sillente

      * Thrun

      * Jocarest



Darkkesday (481st Day of the Year)


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