The city of New Acaunum is ran by three seperate, but powerful factions.


The Central Government
Ruled by: King T'laira Ascillia IV
Seat of Power: Ascillian Palace
Information: Ruling faction of the City of New Acaunum, all-be-it largely in name only. Once a proud and powerful house, the House Ascillia has fallen into shambles of what it once was.


The Church of Pelor
Ruled by: High Priest Lastyk Bhiane
Seat of Power: Radiant Church of Pelor
Information: Corrupt and bloated, the Church rules the city as a tyranical government.


Steel-Beard Clan
Ruled by: Baron Grimcharge Steel-beard
Seat of Power: Tower of the Skycrest
Information: A dwarven clan that has ousted the rest of the dwarves, holding the Iron-district with an iron fist. Ruthless, cruel, greedy and rich, the Steel-beard is perhaps the best armed of all the factions, an  d the Church and government both fear their ambition.


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