New feats:

Note: no class is naturally proficient with fire-arms.

The Steel Kiss
Requires: Fire-arm weapon proficiency.

You specialize in fighting with a pistol. You gain a +2 to initiative rolls while you have a pistol in your main hand, and a +1 power bonus to your attack rolls.

Requires: Fire-arm Proficiency, The Steel Kiss.

While wielding a pistol, you gain a +1 power bonus to all damage rolls. And, once per encounter, when you roll a 20 with a pistol, make another attack roll. If the second attack would hit, you score a critical hit with your pistol. 

 Arcane Terrorist
Requires: Spell-casting.

You are especially adapt at disabling mechanical devices with your magic. Once per encounter, you can send an arcane burst at a complex machine in an attempt to disable it. You roll a intelligence roll against a DC set by the DM, and a success will disable the device until the beginning of your next turn. If another arcane terrorist targets the machine while it is disabled, they make their roll with a +2 bonus. A roll of natural 20 will permenantly disable the machine.

Technological Adept

You are especially talented in all things technological. You gain a +2 bonus to all technology checks, and you can reload a fire-arm as a free action, instead of a move action.

Requires: Paragon Feat, Spell-casting.

You have managed to focus your spells through a piece of technology. Instead of using a standard focus, you can use one of the focuses listed below, with their listed powers.

Pistol: You focus your magic through a gun, and it comes out more powerful then ever. Spells appear to actually shoot out of your weapon, speeding towards your target. You deal an extra d8 worth of damage, but your spells are no longer capable of critically striking.

Pocket Watch: You focus your magic through a pocket watch, speeding up your spells, and time itself as you dodge through combat. When you cast a spell with the implement keyword, you can either shift up to one space, or once per encounter, you act at the beginning of every combat round for a number of turns equal to your intelligence modifier.





Background Feats

Every character is assumed to have came from outside the city before the gates closed. If you want a different background – you may select one background feat, provided they meet the requirements. Unlike normal feats, background feats come with at a price. Background feats can only be taken before the game begins, and only one may be selected. All background feats must be approved by me.

Fey Noble
Requirements: Eladrin or Elf.

You are the son, or daughter, or a noble house from the Fey-court. The members of the Fey-court are trained in all forms of combat since birth. All members of the court know how to use a long bow, a short bow, and the long sword. In addition, you receive a +2 to diplomacy checks with other fey-born. However, humans and other non-fey see you as aloof and distrust you, so you receive a -3 penalty on diplomacy checks with them.

Gutter Trash
Requirements: None

You grew up on the street, never knowing a home or a roof above your head. Despite that, you have survived and grown stronger. You even managed to save up a little bit of coin. You start with only 75 gold marks, but you gain +2 to two skills from the following list: Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Endurance, Heal, Perception, Stealth, Streetwise, or Thievery.

Under-city Survivor
Requirements: Race with low-light vision.

You escaped from the City beneath the city. Since then, your escape route has been sealed, but the census has no idea of your existance. This can be both a curse and a boon. You have a +2 bonus to the dungeoneering skill, and a +1 bonus to one defense of your choice. You take a -2 penalty to all diplomacy checks, and while in sunlight, you suffer a -2 penalty to all roles.

Requirements: Human or half-elf.

You were born and raised on holy ground. Since then, there has been a falling out. Now you are a wanted man, finding no safe haven. Thanks to this, you have become familiar with all aspects of the Church of Pellor. You gain +2 to either religion or history skill checks,and you start with an additional 25 gold marks. However, you take a -2 penalty to all diplomacy checks, and are wanted by the Church. 

Freed Slave
Requirements: None

Once a slave, you were either purchased out of bondage, or escaped. You gain an additional +2 to one ability score of your choice. But you start with only one weapon valued under 20g, hide, leather or cloth armor, and no money. Also, you cannot read or write (wizard slaves can read their own arcane writing).

Dwarf Laborer
Requirements: Dwarf

You grew up in the mines. The very tunnels were your lifeblood. When the Baron took over, you were left unhomed, with barely the gear on your back. Before escape, you managed to collect some basic gear. You start with either a non-magic standard weapon from the hammer or axe category, or a non-magic standard piece of armor of your choice. Being unhomed has left you weakened, and you take a -1 to all will defenses.

New Acaunum Native
Requirements: Any

You grew up in the city. You know the streets. You know the walls. This is your home. You must spend double the amount on all metal items on creation, but you gain a +2 streetwise bonus, and one inheritance item. This item must have a standard book valued at under 40g, is free. The item, if a weapon or armor – is of masterwork quality – and gains a +1 damage bonus, or a +1 AC bonus.


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