The city of New Acaunum is a melting pot of almost all races. However, not all races are treated equally.


The founders and forgers of New Acaunum, the government is ruled by them, and roughly 50% of the populace is human. Most races respect humanity, although few others trust them.

Many half-elves have grown up amongst humans, and are primarily treated as such. Those who grew up amongst humans find very little discrimination. Those who grew up amongst the fey have picked up some of the fey mannerism's, and that gets picked up on, and discrimination is not uncommon.

Elves and Eladrin
Distrusted by humanity, other races tend to look up to them as natural leaders and intellectuals. They reside primarily in the Fey District, a sub-district in the center of the city that has somehow escaped the smog and pollution desecrating the rest of the city. However, even the bright leaves and lush foilage are beginning to wither. The fey are ruled by their own pocket government that swears fealty to the central government.

Travelers from a far off land, the dragonborn are primarily used as slaves. Those few with their freedom find little work outside of heavy labor and guard duty. Word of their undying honor and loyalty has spread fast though, so despite the prejudice against them, they are trusted.

Once a proud race, the dwarves find themselves without a home. No race dislikes the dwarves, although the Fey still hold some grudge against them from ancient times. Despite not having any enemies, no one race went to help the unhomed dwarves. As such, many dwarves are left feeling resentful and hold a grudge against the other races of the city.

Halflings of the world were travelers, roaming in clans from city to city. The halflings of New Acaunum all came from one big clan. However, when the gates sealed, the clan was trapped in. Trouble followed halfling clans like a breaker following a ship… and, has given the halflings a reputation as trouble makers, thieves, and tricksters. They are unwelcome through out most of the city, and a lone halfling will often find himself harassed, threatened, or even attacked by a small group of thugs.

Distrusted by most everyone thanks to the Church's Propaganda. With the Church of Pelor having power, they are rarer then ever. All Tieflings must register with the Church, and swear Allegiance to Pelor. Those who fail to comply are hunted down and executed in the streets.


Other Races

 Orcs, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and other green-skins
Hated. Despised. The government blames Goblin and Orcish raids as the reason why the gates are sealed. Goblinoid races make up 90% of the cities slaves, and a loan goblinoid not in shackles will soon find itself dead.

Cousins of dwarves, gnomes are generally trusted amongst the population. Combine that with their long standing friendship with humanity, and this rare race has become quite respected.

Since the Steelbeard Clan has gained power, War-forged are becoming more and more common. The Baron sets up arcano-factories to produce fighting machines that do not need food nor water. Occasionally one is born with complete free will. Occasionally that one escapes. There you have a free-willed War-forged. The Steel-beard clan hunt these escapees down. Those that evade the clan for long enough find that there memories are gone, that they have no knowledge of where they were born, nor who they are. They find an identity through others. They are often treated like Dragonborn, only with less respect. They are not hated, nor truly distrusted, but they are not viewed as a real person, treated instead like a living toy. 

Other Others
Most races are distrusted, if not outright hated. Those few races that resemble humans will usually not be assaulted, but taunting, threats, and segregation can be expected. Minotaurs, however, are considered vile escapees from the Undercity, and are generally hunted like animals. Drow (and consequently, driders), do not exist in this world, as of yet.


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