Due to the unique fantasy/noir-punk environment (don't you just love how you can add -punk to the end of just about every genre?), a few new skills (and feats, and weapons) need to be added in. These are available to all classes, unless otherwise noted.


Technology (Intelligence)

Make a technology check to use, fix, or disable complex devices.

If you are not trained in technology, you can still attempt to make a check, all-be-it at a -5 difficulty.

Use:  Free Action.
DC: 10 for most actions. More complex actions might be at a higher difficulty, DM's disgression.

Fix: Standard/ Extended Action.
DC: 20 for most repairs, 25 for exceptionally difficult repairs. Most repairs will also take longer then a standard round, except the most simplistic fixes.

Disable: Standard Action.
DC: 15 for most basic disabling, it is easier to destroy things then to fix them


Performance (Charisma)

A true performer can put a crowd into a trance, seduce a group with her words, or make provoke a mob into riot. Performers are performers, showing talent no matter what the medium, but the best choose a speciality – focusing on one style, dancing, singing, or an instrument. It takes no check to simply perform, but to inspire a crowd, that requires a check.

The DC is based off the mood of the crowd, and is set by the DM. 



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