Notes on fire-arms: Fire-arms are intensely powerful weapons that can puncture most every armor. When rolling for your attack, ignore all armor and shield bonuses. Still count dexterity or intelligence modifiers, magical enhancements, and any other miscellanious armor modifications that might apply. However, fire-arms are incapable of scoring a critical hit. A roll of 20 is still an automatic hit, however.

Any ability with fire keyword, or an arcane terrorist, can target a gun to disable it. The gun has a defense score listed below. After hitting, the gun makes a saving throw. Success leaves the gun disabled for a round. Failure causes the gun to explode, dealing twice the listed damage to it's weilder (2d6 for a pistol, 1d12 for a rifle, 1d6 for a machine gun) and destroying the gun. A magical gun adds five to it's defense for every +1 bonus it has.

Bullets – 15g/ 10

Capacity: the amount of bullets a gun can carry before needing a reload.

x – Firing this weapon does not draw an opportunity attack
* – an item normally not available to players under any means.
Rapid Fire – When using this weapon, you get 3 seperate attacks in one round that can be fired at the same target, or up to three adjacent targets.

 Price Cap.Weight
 Group Defense Properties
 Pistol +3 1d6 10/20 100g 9 2 lb
 Fire-arm 23 Load free, small, one-handed, x
 Rifle +2 1d12 30/60 250g 7 5 lb
 Fire-arm  25

 Load minor, *

 Machine Gun
 +1 1d6 20/30 400g 30 10 lb
 Fire-arm 20 Rapid Fire, Load minor, *


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